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Baby boy- circumcision?

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    I agree with capital that it is really a personal thing. At least the latest research in the US showed the medical world equally split. Hk doctors tend to circumcise boys before 4 years of age because the foreskins do grow a bit until then, making whatever tight prepuce no longer tight. This far, there is no medical literature to unequivocally confirm the protective effect of STD or female cervical cancer (in their sex partners of course).
    The only comfort if you elect to inflict the unnecessary harm is that babies don't get to remember who traumatise them at such tender age.

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    in this day and age, hygiene shouldn't be a factor... we are lucky to live in a world where it is possible to have showers everyday using soap. if you teach your child HOW to clean it, then there's absolutely no reason he needs to have it done (if that is your reason for doing it).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashlea View Post
    A final point, most women seem to find a circumcised member more aesthetically pleasing, you don't find many dildos looking like uncircumcised penises.
    Ummm says who? And with the rapid decrease in circumcision who knows what dildos will look like in the next 10 years anyway.

    My husband is uncut. He looks perfect. Hygiene is not an issue. Everybody needs to clean themselves, both men and women, cut and uncut.

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    Like several of the replies, I totally agree it's a personal decision that parents need to make.

    My husband was circumcised and was pro circumcision. I was initially more inclined not to have my son circumcised, as I thought it would be painful for a baby.

    Two things persuaded me to go ahead with the circumcision :

    1. Since my husband was circumcised, he had no idea how to look after an uncircumcised penis. Since I had no idea how to look after any penis, I thought he had a point.

    2. A friend of mine mentioned that her 2 yo son suffered a urinary tract infection and it was extremely painful for her son. A common friend of ours also had a similar problem in his 20s and said it was the most painful experience of his life. The thought of my uncircumcised son being a little older and having to suffer any pain related to his penis or having to go through circumcision at an age he would feel alot of pain did help persuade me that it would be better to have him circumcised earlier.

    In the end, we had our son circumcised at the Matilda on Day 4. He definitely felt pain and definitely was uncomfortable for at least 2 - 3 days afterwards but that was it. It was tough on him and on us as we left the hospital on day 5 and we all had alot of adjustment at home.

    We discovered our paediatrician didn't do circumcisions so he recommended another doctor. If you are planning a circumcision, do ask your paediatrician whether he performs circumcisions and if so, how much it is. The doctor that our paediatrician recommended came to the hospital to discuss the procedure and how his method varied from other surgeons. This is something that in retrospect, we should have asked our paediatrician about before the birth and assessed whether or not this was the best method for us. Some methods apparently include a plastic ring/cap being placed on the penis for 2 weeks. Our surgeon only applied a local anaesthetic cream and preferred to perform the surgery in an operating theatre - he felt it was more hygenic - apparently some surgeons just do the circumcision in their surgery.

    Another consideration is the cost. The cost of the surgeon plus the operating theatre set us back HK$20,000. THAT was something we had not budgeted for.

    I would also suggest discussing with your paediatrician what day is best to perform the surgery - some parents may decide to do the surgery after leaving the hospital, which I think would've worked just as well.

    Post surgery our baby was uncomfortable on day 1 & 2 and all we could give him was Calpol, which helped him sleep through it. Our baby also had a little jaundice so was also uncomfortable from that and the 2 combined made the first 2 days at home a little difficult. After that it was fine.

    Hope this helps.

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    I watched an interesting programme about circumcision on Discovery Channel,

    A doctor in Malaysia has invented a new ring method of circumcision – which seems to be a lot less painful. This might be the way of the future.

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