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Dates?... and when will sickness start?

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    Dates?... and when will sickness start?

    I got a :BFP on Tuesday (it's now Sunday) after a frozen embryo transfer two weeks previously. I'm taking extra progesterone to support the pregnancy. I've had a pulling sensation in my lower abdomen, sore ovaries and bloating - all of which the Doctor said to expect as a result of the rising HCG levels. This is because I had injections prior to the embryo transfer to stimulate my ovaries.

    However as it's not getting worse I'm now looking out for other symptoms. I keep hoping to wake up feeling sick but nothing so far. When does morning sickness tend to set in? It's difficult to look out for breast tenderness etc because the extra progesterone will make them sore anyway.

    Also, as the embryo transfer was on 6 November (2 days after I ovulated) how pregnant does that make me? Am I 3 weeks pregnant or 5 weeks pregnant?

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    Hello and congratulations!!

    I am new to all this too (currently 17 weeks pregnant), but thought I'd share what I felt. My first sign was growing and sore sore boobs. This happened to me very early on. I can't remember when I first felt morning sickness - maybe from about week 5 or 6. I also felt extremely tired early on which lasted until about week 13 - I couldn't stay awake at night! But everyone is different, so dont' worry if you aren't feeling any of the signs! You might wish morning sickness never kicked in at all in a few weeks!

    Regarding how far along you are - the first day of your last menstrual period is usually the starting point in calculating how many weeks pregnant you are / due dates. Here's a link to a calculator here:

    Good luck with your pregnancy!


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    Some women don't experience morning sickness. I barely knew I was pregnant and thought my sore breasts were because my period was due. I've heard figures of 25-50% of women don't get any nausea or vomiting. My doctor told me that usually if women were to experience sickness, they should experience it up to 8 weeks after conception and that afterwards it is unlikely although there are always exceptions. Every pregnancy is different.

    Other things to look for besides sickness is a change in your sense of smell and taste, fatigue, food cravings/aversions.

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