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Baby doesn't sleep thru the night & I'm working...what to do?

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    Jan 2007

    Thank you all for your comments/encouragement.

    It is really encouraging to hear what you all have to say about the helper/baby attachment issues. I am going through it right now and it's been very hard for me....somehow I cannot get my baby to laugh out loud however hard I try but when my helper does the exact same thing, she has no problems laughing out loud!

    Sometimes I get so upset I will have tears in my eyes. But I try not to show it to my baby because I don't want her to feel that there is something wrong.

    Anyway, I will take all your comments on board and will try sleeping earlier and gradually working towards a once a night feed so that I can get up and do the feed myself. I agree that this is a mother's job and I was waking up for all the night time feeds whilst on maternity leave but just found it very difficult once I returned to work.

    Thanks again for all the comments....can't wait for the 18 month (or hopefully sooner) time when she will be as responsive to daddy and mummy as she is with our helper.

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    or you could ask hubby to share in the feeding... you do it one night and he does it the next? or even include helper in that, then you get a good night's sleep for two nights in a row while hubby and helper manage.

    we did that for a while too. (with #1)

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    my baby is 14 mos and still wakes up 1x/night and sometimes 2. my hubby helps me and i think it's good bonding time for them.

    try to remember, a rested, healthy mommy makes a better mommy. we hafta remember to take care of ourselves too.

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    If it's any comfort, there were days that if our daughter got up just twice a night, we were considered lucky! I know the experts say it's not related, but my girl started on solid food at 7 months old, and at 7 months and a week, she slept from 6:30 to 7 .am.! We couldn't believe it as the night before that, she was still up 3 times... She has been a very good sleeper ever since, and now she's 14 months old.

    So please... hang in there.

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