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Baby's first food - when and what

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    Baby's first food - when and what


    My baby is 4 months old and i want to introduce him to solids soon (while still breastfeeding).

    Wondering what was the first food you gave your baby and how old was your baby?

    I believe most people go for rice cereal or congee...


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    I started at about 6.5 months with my 2. It reallly isn't necessary to start until 6 months as breastmilk (and formula) have everything the baby needs, at around 6 months BF babies need an iron source as they are starting to use up all the iron they stored from pregnancy, so it is best to start with iron rich foods such as pureed meat or iron fortified cereals.

    In the beginning it is really about learning how to eat and transfer food rather than the actual food. If you do start early remember that the milk is the more important of the 2, much higher in fat and more important than solids so ensure that baby is not decreasing milk intake in favor of cereals.

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    [evil grin]

    My first baby's first "solid" was ice cream - she was eyeing my bowl so much that I gave her a dab on the tongue. She LUNGED for more.

    I then followed it up w/ some jarred baby carrots on an airplane returning to HK.

    But the "real" introduction to solids was plain congee. Then Gerber's rice cereal (no sugar).

    I was pretty casual about it & my kids were eager eaters as babies, so it was no big deal. YMMV.

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    Baby rice is a very popular first food for babies but it doesn’t really have that many nutrients. It does, however, make a good base that is easy to add other foods to. (Yam was the favourite thing my youngest liked adding to her congee.)

    If you find cooking unprocessed grains difficult you can always grind them before cooking. This works especially well with oats but it is also possible with rice and the other grains.

    LLL suggests this progression when introducing your baby (6 months or older) to solid foods:

    • Ripe banana, avocado, yam, or sweet potato (sweet like breast milk)
    • Meats
    • Whole-grain breads and cereals (rather than baby cereals)
      [wheat and corn are usually delayed until baby is 9-12 months old]
    • Fresh fruits
      [citrus fruits are usually delayed until baby is 9-12 months old]
    • Vegetables
    • Dairy products after 9 months
      [cow's milk is usually delayed until baby is 12-18 months old]

    One of the nice things about starting solids after six months is that the baby can feed him or herself with finger foods. Suggestions for finger foods:
    • cubed soft foods
    • grated or scraped apple, pear, carrots
    • small pieces of ripe banana or avocado
    • sliced kiwi
    • cooked carrots/peas/green beans
    • cubed cooked yams, sweet or white potatoes
    • unsweetened dry breakfast cereals (cheerios, etc.)
    • slivers or finely chopped pieces of meat that has been softened with broth or warm water
    • cubes, strings, or small pieces of cheese
    • cooked pasta in shapes and colors sprinkled with some parmesan cheese
    • whole-grain bread strips
    • pieces of toast or crackers
    • dry waffles baby can carry around
    • frozen blueberries, peas, or corn right out of the package (great for relieving teething pain, but not appropriate for most babies under a year due to the choking hazard. See below warning.)

    Warning: Steer clear of finger foods (including nuts and dried fruits) that may be choking hazards. Also, highly allergenic foods may not be suitable for babies under a year or who have a family history of allergies.

    Remember that for the first twelve months the breast milk is still the main source of nutrition for the baby. This means that you don’t have to worry too much about how much solids the baby is taking so just go at your baby’s pace and enjoy it.

    Best wishes,

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