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night nursing

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    night nursing

    My daughter is now 11.5 weeks old. I am exclusively breastfeeding her. For the last couple of weeks, her sleeping/nursing pattern has been that she will sleep for about 3.5-5 hours the first time she goes to bed in the evening. Following that, she will wake up nearly every hour or hour and a half until morning. This schedule is killing me! When she nurses at night, the feeds are very short, less than 5 minutes, only on one side, and she immediately falls back to sleep. In contrast, during the day, she feeds from both breasts, for about 10-15 minutes per side. I'm wondering if perhaps she's not hungry at night, and I am getting her out of her crib/swaddle unneccesarily, if I could get her to keep sleeping somehow, or if there is anything I could do differently to help her to sleep for longer (and us, too!)
    Thanks for any advice/thoughts on this, sorry for the long post!

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    If your baby is managing to feed every 3.5-5 hrs, then the hourly or half-hourly wakes may not be due to hunger. If she roots for the breast, its only natural they do so. Try not feeding her every time she wakes - perhaps every other time. Also if she is waking up so often could it be something not right in her sleeping surrounding which is making her wake up so often?

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    What about expressing a bottle of breast milk and dream feeding as much as she willl take at 10pm? That might help her go through for at least one more long stretch

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