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Switching from private to public

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    If you are more comfortable staying with your private Dr for a while this is fine.
    I switched from private to public at 28weeks and it was very simple.
    Tsan yuk just want photocopies of your test results and and info so far, you'll be assesed by a Dr and they will decide whether you need attention from the high risk team.

    Depending on how far along you are you may not be considered high risk anymore.

    If you are high risk, you will automatically be required to deliver at QMH regardless of where you live.

    Don't register with the public system until you are ready to switch as it just causes confusion if you want to continue privately.

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    correction: ALL doctors in HK speak english, whether they work at QMH, Tsan Yuk or privately. MED school in HK is all in english. however, sometimes their understanding of things non-medical can be a little iffy. i found that sometimes if i asked a question, they didn't always answer the question that i was asking, so i'd have to think of a different way to ask the same question. they usually could figure it out and answer without any problem.

    where you might run into trouble with using english is on some of the med-students. if you ever get a student, then just ask to speak to the "dr" in charge. you may have to wait a little longer, but it's worth it.

    good luck!

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