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Signs of problems in the 2nd tri?

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    I agree that some perspective is needed. If you're searching the internet for second trimestre problems well of course you're going to hear about bad things happening because it's generally only people like that who will take the time to write. The remaining 99.9% of the population who had no problems aren't going to get online to tell you about how uneventful their second trimestre was. Statistically there is a very low chance of something happening in this trimestre. Relax while you can because as everyone else has pointed out, it only gets harder.

    p.s. i was with Dawkins and paid $900 for check up and u/s. Maybe he's doing an extra special one or extra long one for you because you seem like you need extra reassurance.

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    Jools - thanks so much for your note. I'm sorry I made a big deal of your reply. I guess it just shows that even in threads like this, it's impossible to read the tone of what people are saying and obviously i mis-read your tone. Also, I'm pretty sure my hormone levels were out of control that evening as a few hours later I lashed out at my poor husband for something totally ridiculous... DAMN THESE FEMALE HORMONES TO HELL!!!

    I am so sorry to hear about your little angel. So sorry. I have good friends with children suffering from chronic illnesses so I know how one should not take for granted babies who are born in "perfect" health. Maybe this is what has been making me paranoid as I head towards my own delivery date. That said, it would certainly not in any way be the end of the world if he/she had a "problem" - we would get through it just like you are getting through your experience. And I'm sure it's making your family tighter and more loving (and more knowledgeable) as you go along.

    Best of luck to you and thank you for sharing. Your son is so lucky to have a mom like you.

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