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placenta worry :-(

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    placenta worry :-(

    Hi everyone here
    I am currently running 25 week on progress. without any complication.Touch wood! But Today, doc scared me by informing that i have to go incase my placenta doesnt move up as my placenta moved slight down and probably have to go operation. I really dont understand doc lang...

    My questions remained: What exactly the operation for? and Where it does? Is it to move up my placenta? Is it normal?I am scare what sort of operation I have to go thru or is there any remedy? or any precaution help my plcenta to move up. Forum member[s] I am sure you too have experience same sort of complication. Plz exchange your experience and drop some opinion. My husband currently abroad so NO sex ,no exercise :treadmill, but did gone thru strong cough and sneezing. No so far any bleeding. Members plz shed some light...... on my complication........plz

    Hope to hear from you all,

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Your doctor is talking about placenta previa, it is a condition when the placents implants over the cervix (the opening where the baby comes out of the uterus) which makes it impossible for the baby to be born vaginally, in other words you have to have a c/s. Normally the uterous implants higher up. Prior to C/s this would be very bad for baby and the mom, as mom would very likely hemorrage to death, and the baby may not survive either becasue the placenta would have come out first, meaning the baby is not getting any oxygen. Today this is NOT going to happen. Today this means you will have a C/s probably 1 or 2 weeks early so you don't go into labor.


    it is not unusual for the placents to implant near the cervix, but not right on it, as the utuerus grows in pregnancy then the placenta "moves up" It doesn't actually move, just than as the placenta grows it is further away form the cervix, so an u/s at 20 weeks may look like you might have a problem, one later can show there is no problem. (which is what usually happens, placenta previa is rare) Usually if it looks like the placenta is too close, you will have another u/s later on to confirm whether the placenta has moved. At this point it is a wait and see what happens situation.

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