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Help! Baby refuses to drink milk

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    StareBear is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2010
    Tai Tam

    Maybe use the dummy to space the feeds for a couple of days? I got in this downward spiral of constantly offering the bottle so of course she only took 20mls every time. Once I stopped offering all the time, she was hungrier when I did offer it. On average she takes a total of 320-350mls out of her three bottle feeds a day. with two breast feeds and sneaking milk into her meals I figure she is getting enough. My baby is very alert and active for her age so although she is skinny, I can tell she is healthy. Trust your gut on this one. Good luck for the weigh in!

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    Little fish is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2010

    hi babychino, like wat starebear hd said dont worry, u r nt alone cos my frenz also hv same problem too... her bb refuse to drink milk til 1yr old but after tt she started to drink too n vy healthy nw n she coming to 3yrs old nw.
    so good luck ya!

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    babychino is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2010

    thanks everyone for your reassurance. i feel much better! and the weigh in today showed some results - he gained 130grams!! not all news was good though - his platelets from his blood test was a bit high. we also have a referral to a pediatrician to look at the weight, feeding and platelets. and for some miraculous reason, the last 2 feeds have much better!!

    i just hope this keeps up! i betcha when we see the pediatrician, his feeds will probably good just so we don't have any complaints!! hahaha... i'm much less stressed now... thanks everyone :)

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    mina is offline Registered User
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    Hi. I have deciced to write here becouse I have tha same problem as many mothers here. My son is 3 and a half moths old and he is refusing to drink milk for over a month. I can only feed him while he is sleeaping and when he is awake, he is refusing the bottle. I took him to the doctors, and thay don't know whay is wrong with him. One doctor eaven said that my son has infantile anokeksia but I think that he has silent reflux. Some doctors eaven said that some children are like that and that it is normal for some children to be sleep fed, and that I shoul star introducing solids when he turns 4 months. Im desperate, and also I started thinking that I could give him medications my self, but in my country Zanatac and other medications for infants can not be found. :(

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