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Annerley services -v- Matilda services

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    The only advantage of getting to know Hulda, or one of the other midwives form Annerley, is if you decide to use their additional services.
    You can have homevisits after the birth, or use them as a Doula, where they attend the birth in hospital with you.

    Yvonne Heavyside from Matilda also does homevisits.

    I used Louise from Annerley, I did classes with her, and she was my doula, so she was with me at home for 8hrs until I did the last minute dash to QMH to deliver.

    By the time she was doing my homevisits, I knew her very well, so it was great to have someone I knew well to help me through the difficult weeks.

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    I am taking group classes from Yvonne Heavyside who also conducts the classes at Matilda. Her is shorter - three 2-hour session. I went to her classes as I can't find any classes from Matilda and Adventist fit my schedule, and I think Annerley's courses are a bit long...I also planned to have another private session with Yvonne on Baby care as the group class doesn't cover this.

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