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First time hiring a helper....doubts?

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    First time hiring a helper....doubts?

    We are about to sign a helper for the first time since we have been here in Hong Kong (around 12 months). I believe she is genuine and trustworthy but having had her work with me on a trial basis for the last few weeks I am a little concerned about her level of English. As her previous contract was terminated, she has been able to process the documents here in Hong Kong. She already had a ticket home for the 25th December, however immigration now insist that she returns on the 19th. She has had to change her ticket, at a cost of $1400.00. Should I question this cost? To me it seems a little excessive.
    We are one step away from paying the money, what would be the situation if we pulled out?
    I guess I am getting coldfeet and finding the whole situation a little daunting....
    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    NYCMOM is offline Registered User
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    We are about to hire a helper (first-time as well). I think a change fee of $1400HK is a bit excessive- did you purchase the plane ticket for her or did she? If she did, I would find out which airline and then call them or look on their website to find out how much a change fee is and any other fees with changing the date of the ticket. It is good to trust the people who live with us, and if you have a feeling that something isn't right, you should question it and investigate. It's better to have peace of mind.

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    If the DH's contract has been terminated not because of financial reasons or because the employer left the country (in most cases unless you abuse is apparent and even so there must be a case with the Labour Department), the DH MUST return to the Philippines before the paperwork can be processed. And if it's because of either of the two reasons mentioned, she DOES not have to return to the Philippines. She can postpone her leave entitlement.

    If not for the two reasons mentioned, she has 14 days from the last day of work with her previous employer to remain in Hong Kong. The situation sounds a bit suss as she has worked for you on a trial basis (which isn't legal) for a couple of weeks and then find out that she has to leave on the 19th.

    Just so you know, if she's been terminated, the bearer of cost for the ticket back to the Philippines is her ex-employer NOT her future employer i.e. you.

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    cemily is offline Registered User
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    Not sure what you can do with the air ticket.

    But if your concern of whether or not to employ her is her poor English, then I would say think twice. Most of the helpers I met/interviewed have poor English. However, if she is good help and satisfies most of your requirements and can communicate with you, then give her serious consideration. Good help is so v v difficult to find these days.

    My 2 cents.



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    joshsmum is offline Registered User
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    The airline change fee could be correct. I had to recently change a flight I had with Qantas and it cost me $230 AUD to change it, which would be approx $1,570 HK. $155 AUD was the difference in the airfare for the different dates and $75 AUD was for an admin fee charged by the airline.

    The best thing to do would be to ask the helper for the documents showing that she had to pay the $1,400 HK - I don't think it's unreasonable that you ask to see this before reimbursing her.

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