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need helper

  1. need helper

    hi all mom

    we have the new born baby for 3 weeks now, soon will be 4 weeks old

    in the beginning, people keep asking me will i get the helper, how we gonna to arrange if we both have to work...

    We were so under-estimate the situation with the baby, so we think we can handle that very easy, i can work at home with my computer during every break from the baby, and also my husband...

    but now after these few weeks, we find out there is no really standard schedule from baby, except the times we spend, but we also spend a lot of energy, nerve, and tears sometimes as well.

    i am taking care the small one now from early morning till before mid-night, and my husband take over after mid-night till early morning. in this way, we both lose ourselves a lot, we also do not have times to eat together, watch something together, and we just go to bed in difference times.

    these few days, i was totally down and sad, my problem is i cannot eat well, totally lose interest for eating, do not have enough rest and so on...(losing a lot of weight)

    the baby is demanding (of course), and this week he start to get some problem with the wind in his belly, therefore it give us extra stress if we see he keep crying and crying (seems now we find the solution with Infacol)...

    anyhow, just to give a brief idea, and i think this is need to have the helper, otherwise i will really lose myself more and more...

    anybody can give me a hand and introduce me the good one? someone we can relied on and trust?

    tks in advanced
    new mom

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    Harebear is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2007
    Where are you located?

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    pattyjo is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong
    where are you located? how big is your home and do you need helper to cook, etc.?

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