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Xmas gift for teacher

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    Quote Originally Posted by kinghk View Post
    We have to think it this way. As a recieving end, will the small gifts affect their judgement in returning a favour to you???
    None of the children in my son's class are from HK, and every single parent wanted to give the 2 teachers something. To avoid any comparisons, we put the money together and bought them gift certificates. Then the gifts are from all of us, and there shall not be any pressure in 'returning a favor' to any kid/parent in particular.

    That said, I myself would be happier with a $50 gift certificate than a $50 elaborate Thank-you/Christmas card. You know how much a nice card can really cost here. By the way, we hand-made the cards for the teacher.

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    I've had a brief look at the ICAC and Eduation Bureau website, and it seems that it is up to the School Management Committee to formulate their own policies, bearing in mind the bribery ordinance.

    There is however a 'sample code of conduct' on the Education Bureau website which states:

    Accepting Advantages

    5. Permission is given for staff to accept, but not solicit, the following advantages: -

    (a) gifts from pupils or parents, provided that the value of the gift does not exceed ($100);

    (b) gifts from pupils or parents at graduation ceremonies provided that the aggregate value of the gifts does not exceed ($500) on each occasion;

    (c) gifts from parents, colleagues, pupils or former pupils of the School on the occasion of retirement or resignation provided that the value of the gift from any one person does not exceed ($1,000).

    [Note: Figures in brackets are considered realistic and recommended by the Education Bureau for adoption by schools.]

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    I sent my kids to local kindie, and later to ESF schools. We never (and do not give) any present other than a card - usually hand-made.

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    i had chocolates and handed them out at QMH. we also ordered pizza on a few occassions and both were happily, even eagerly accepted by nursing staff.

    i also made christmas cookies last year and took them in to the nursing staff (my child was born the next february. but i had already been hospitalised about 6 times, by christmas). the cookies were gone by the next day, when i was hospitalised, yet again!

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