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taxi car seat harnesses

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    taxi car seat harnesses

    Hi everyone,

    I previously lived in Hong Kong and read then in these forums about the use of Joey Safe or Tote n Go 'car seat' harnesses, for use with toddlers in taxis.

    We left HK before our son turned one, so were always able to make use of our Maxi Cosi capsule in taxis, so never needed to buy a harness then.

    Now I am visiting Hong Kong in January, and am really wanting to get one for use during that visit, but have searched in vain on line without finding either.

    The Tote n Go is no longer manufactured, and is only available on one or two sites which will only ship to addresses in the US.
    The Joey safe doesn't seem to be available on line at all anymore.

    Has anyone bought anything along the same lines lately? I have friends to ship to in HK, and currently live in the UK, but don't know anyone in the US for shipping, and am in a bit of a hurry now for that option anyway!

    Appreciate any help.

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    I had the same luck as you when trying to buy a new child harness. I eventually got a barely used one 2nd might want to look through the classified websites in HK to see if you can find similar.

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