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Helper smoke, steal and loan money!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yan View Post
    dear Carang,
    We went back to our agency, was told that, if good helper, seldom will be release for no reason, only must be they are not ok.
    May I ask, how can I find helper available to interview in HK? Which ageny do?
    You can try TECHNIC Employment Services Centre Ltd.

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    I agree with all the above posts. It is best to solve the problem at the bud, if it continues to fester it will just bring you more problems. The agency is likely to tell you whatever is convenient for them, they most probably do not have any maids at hand so that's why they recommend that you employ a maid that is not here. Like what carang said, some maids are released from their jobs because their employers have moved to another country and some of they may be released because they employers did not want to spare the extra expense of paying their long term serving bonus. Good Luck!

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