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Female vs Male Ob-Gyn?

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    Female vs Male Ob-Gyn?

    Hi Mothers! We're new to HK and will TTC very soon. I've been looking for Ob-Gyns and just wondering as to whether female vs. male Ob-Gyns. What are the advantages or the disadvantages? My Ob-Gyn back home was a female so I think I might feel more comfortable with a female doctor but was just curious. Thanks!

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    my dr back home was male and fantastic. my drs here at QMH were mostly women and they, too, were great.but so were the male drs that i saw. i think that it is really just up to you.

    some would say that a woman would understand better, but that would only be true if she's had children of her own.

    good luck!

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    Like you, I also felt that I might be more comfortable with a female OB but after doing some research on the OBs in Hong Kong, I found that many of high repute were male. In the end I chose a male OB and have not regretted the choice.

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    I used to feel the same way that it would be more comfortable to have a female gynae. However, after i had an awful experience with my previous gynae, i would suggest any pregnant women to go for a male gynae. I gave birth in Singapore, i was introduced by my husband's colleague to the female gynae. She was just fine, not really that attentive and caring, because i didn't know any other doctor their , so i just have to stick to her. However, at my 36 weeks, she found out that the baby is already 3.3kgs , and she comments that i was having a 'king kong' and she advises me to have c-section right away. I was so furious , i switched to a male gynae immediately at the 37weeks, and my baby came out nice and healthy by natural birth at 3.8kg. And all my other friends have good experience with male doctor.

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    My self i like to go to male Gyne due to the fact they dont go through the experiences that woman do so they only know from books and what other people tell them. i find female gynes to relate what is happening you to what has happened with them and not all woman are the same. female gyns have a pre imagined idea of what’s wrong due to the fact of their own body when male gynes can only go by the book and past patents

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