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Breast Hurts after

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    Breast Hurts after

    Does anyone have the experience of the breast still hurting after baby's feeding or pumping? I tried to clear out as much milk as possible, but it still hurts. This morning, there was a sharp pain on my right side even after feeding and pumping.

    Any idea?

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    There could be many possible causes of breast pain. My suggestions will depend on the baby age of the baby and also how you describe the pain.

    How you had a period of pain-free feeding before getting this pain? Or have you always felt pain?

    Sometime thrush can cause pain that occurs towards the end of the feed or after the feeding has ended. Have you recently been treated with antibiotics? Have you had any nipple trauma (as this can allow the thrush a way to enter the breast)? Has your baby any symptoms of thrush (white spots in his mouth, or diaper rash)?

    I am available to help over the telephone on 2548-7636.

    Best wishes,

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