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Formula recommendation

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    Formula recommendation

    I intend to introduce my 5 month old baby to formula as i am going back to work next month and cannot breastfeed him during the day anymore. To date he has been exclusively breastfed.

    Can anyone suggest a brand of formula to buy for a baby that is 5 months old. There are heaps of brands out there and i dont know which ones to try.

    Appreicate you suggestions.

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    i think formulas are more or less the same. i believe there are some organic ones available in hk (babynat?) if that's the way you want to go.

    we decided on wyeth just bc it is easily assessible anywhere in hk and i liked their commercials better (tidbits of helpful info for parents rather than the big emphasis on how super smart ur baby would be if they drank XXX brand formula). i had already bf for almost a year, so the organic aspect wasn't that important to us.

    i also did not want to buy nestle bc of their past bad record with baby formula.

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