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speech therapy in Dbay or near MTR

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    speech therapy in Dbay or near MTR

    My cousin's son is 2.5 yo. They live in Tung Chung. Little Lucas needs speech therapy but my cousin said the closest speech therapy that's in English is in Tsing Yee, in central in Borrett road & one at the Peak, which are very far from Tung Chung.

    I wonder if there's any speech therapy in English available in Dbay, Central, Wanchai, or Causeway Bay near MTR stations?

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    Here's a list of Speech Therapists in hk

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    Hi Joanne

    Yes I think the nearest ST clinic to Tung Chung is probaly in Central. I am a speech therapist working for the Rainbow Project which is a charitable organization in HK set up by a group of English-speaking parents in Hong Kong in 1999. We have classes for kids with autism in the Sunshine Preparatory House in Tung Chung. I need to go there once a week to provide speech therapy to the kids there at our class. Might be I can go to your cousin's home to provide outreach ST training to your cousin's son as well afterwards. Pls kindly visit for further details or phone me by 2548 7123. Hope I can help you!!

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    Hi Joannek,

    My friend has just backed from USA. She is about 24 years old. She has been in USA for 5 years, and gets master degree in Linguistic / Speech Pathology in USA. She has been working in USA government hospital & university clinic to deliver speech training & therapy for those normal & special kids, for more than 1 year. She is good both at Cantonese and English. However, ENGLISH is much more preferrable. She is a devoted Christian, loves kids, cheerful and energetic.

    I have just send you her contact thru private message. pls. check it our if you are interested.

    Hope this help... All the best !

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    I PMed you, please send me your friends details as well.


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