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Changing OB?GYN need advise please...

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    shouson hill

    There is a shortage of beds everywhere so i find that a strange reason for dr choy not to deliver at the matilda. i think there might be more to it than that but also beleive that your doc is more important than your hospital but i can highly recommend Dr Ghosh.

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    My pregnancy was 'High Risk' and Dr Ghosh was recommended to by other HK Doctors. He was brilliant. I had 2 bleeds with my pregnancy, I paged Dr Ghosh on both occassions as they were out of office hours and he rang both times within 5 mins. I cannot recommend him enough. He was always a gentleman, always there for me and always reasuring throught my pregnancy. I took on board all of his advice and gave birth to a healthy baby boy at the end of it. GOOD LUCK!

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    californiamum is offline Registered User
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    My husband and I are not fans of Dr. Ghosh. Our first birth was an induction and we want to labor normally for our second child. Dr. Ghosh said there was no guarantee I would go into labor bc I had previously had an induction and my body didn't know "how to labor". I soon found out from other moms that

    1) Dr. Ghosh is known for **his** preference for c-sections
    2) Dr. Ghosh likes to schedule his deliveries back to back (hence a seemingly quick getaway to "give you privacy"), same with c-sections.
    3) Dr. Ghosh makes patients wait for hours to see him.
    4) Dr. Ghosh is condescending and an alarmist.
    5) Dr. Ghosh sees labor and delivery as a nine-to-five job, just like his teaching. He wants You and your baby to fit into his schedule.
    6) Dr. Ghosh recommends tests which are not necessary, often duplicating tests, costing more money for the patient. As he said " the tests are to protect himself in court".

    Why worry about court if you are doing an excellent job?

    These are just the facts.

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    sorry you don't like the guy, but i think it's awful how you've chosen to find older threads about ob recommendations to slam dr. ghosh.

    he just delivered my breech baby via c-section, BUT was willing to deliver him vaginally up until the week before (the only one i know of who does in HK!). i was obsessed with having a drug-free birth and he encouraged me to try different positions to turn him, acupuncture, etc. unfortunately, my baby was in footling position with his right arm reaching over his back, even my midwife at annerley said a vaginal delivery was out of the question without serious risks.

    i have friends that have used him for drug-free births with no problem. if you make your preferences clear at the start, which i did, your experience may have been different.

    just saying. not everyone feels the way you do.

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    I just saw the above post and feel compelled to chime in with eneri7. We had our first baby (delivered vaginally) with Dr. Ghosh a few months ago and thought he was fabulous.

    My experience was so different from what californiamum describes that it is hard to believe we are talking about the same OB.

    I never once felt that he had a preference for delivering via C-section. I had heard that HK doctors are very pro C-section and so raised this with him in our very first appointment and that was the first and last time it ever came up.

    I won't bore everyone with long examples on each of 1-6 but just say I disagree firmly. As to unnecessary tests, I am a slightly older mom and we agonized over whether or not to do an amnio. Dr. Ghosh could not have been more supportive and patient with us - we had detailed discussions about the results of the big ultrasound scan (sorry, can't remember what it is called), my and my husbands medial histories etc. We ultimately decided not to do the amnio and he was incredibly supportive. I never felt like he was even remotely pushing us towards doing this test.

    Yes, you do often have a long wait in the waiting room (in my experience, up to 1 hour, usually 30 min). However, the time he took with us at each an every appointment to point out things on the ultrasound and answer all of our questions, not to mention the two times I know we kept the next patient waiting as we discussed whether or not to do an amnio, was worth every minute of the wait. That's also another plus, if you want it, he will do an ultrasound at every visit (which costs extra, as it does with every OB) but you don't have to do it if you don't want, it is totally up to you.

    I guess the moral of the story is that everyone has their own experience. I hope that this at least provides a counterpoint for someone evaluating OBs/Dr. Ghosh to consider.

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    I wanna chime in too. I recently saw Dr Ghosh for my 2nd pregnancy. I was still breastfeeding my first child (only 9 months old) and was a bit worried about a doctor trying to convince me to wean unnecessarily. I did have to wait a long time to see him, but I was very impressed by how approachable he was and how he seemed very open to any questions. AND he never mentioned weaning at all. With my first pregnancy, I saw about 4 other obgyns and wasn't all that impressed with any of them - so I wasn't expecting much, but I really liked him!! One thing that really impressed me was that every time I had lab tests or whatever, HE would be the one to call me and let me know. And they always called within the time they said they would call too. I ended up miscarrying at only about 6 weeks though :( and even through that, I found him very good. I would definitely go back to him for our next bub!!

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