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Community Support Where You Live

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    Community Support Where You Live


    I am thinking about moving to HK Island to be closer to work but this means giving up the wonderful DB community.

    Can anyone tell me what kind community support things are available in the higher expat areas of Pokfulam or Tai Tam (and should I be considering another area on HKI)?

    I talking about stuff like DB Magazine and the "New to DB" meetings that are held every week at the residents club and forums such as Discovery Bay and DBay???

    This support network is sooooooooooo useful and really makes me feel like part of the community here in DB.

    Many thanks

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    Sorry Vegemite, you're not allowed to go ;).

    Is the commute from Exchange Square to Pokfulam/Tai Tam really shorter than DB????? I had this same argument with an old uni friend who lived in Tai Tam.

    His wife had a fantastic social life through the friends she made in her development (Pacific Palace (or Pacific something) in Tai Tam. They are living in NY now :(.

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    Bel air, Cyberport.

    I live at Bel air Pokfulam and absolutely love it! It is an awesome and really social community out here. I moved to Hongkong 9 months ago and within weeks I had made a really nice group of friends which continues to grow on an almost weekly basis.People are really friendly and in the early days I was always being invited over by new people that I met. Because Bel air has such great facilities it is really easy to meet other mums as your kids really just pave the way. We have weekly picnics on the lawn on a Friday afternoon where the kids have a ball and us mums enjoy a glass of wine or two and catch up on all the gossip. We also have regular coffee mornings, not to mention the 'Bel air girls nights' which are always a blast.

    Aside from the social aspect, we also decided that Bel air was perfect for us because of it's proximity to Causeway Bay and Central.My husband and I really wanted to make the most of the Hongkong experience and so it was really important for us to be close to town while still being able to have grass, trees and water around. You can drive to Central in 15 minutes( sometimes less) and Causeway Bay is even closer.... I timed it and it took me 7 mninutes to get home on the bus the other day.

    Good luck with your decision. Discovery Bay is so lovely and we often go over for lunch. The only thing that turned us off living there was like you said , the long commute. The thought of having to wait for a ferry after a long night out rather than just jumping in a cab was the deciding factor for us. Let me know if you need any more info that I might be able to help with.:yeah2

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