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No Helper?

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    No Helper?

    Since the topic came up at lunch... how many of you will not be having a helper? I know that childcare here is an issue when you don't have one. Are there babysitters available and I just am not aware? Have any of you considered swapping childcare with another family? What are your plans when it comes to this? I value the privacy we have and I don't work; as such we won't be getting a helper, but I do wonder what one does when they want the occasional date night with hubs. Any suggestions? (besides get a helper, since that's not going to fly here, especially with hubs)

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    i know of a few people who have used agencies like Rent-a-Mum and have been happy with that service. you just need to be a bit more organised and plan ahead.

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    Sai Kung

    You can absolutley get by without one. It just takes more planning.
    You just can't do as much as you would with a fulltime helper.
    We have a local chinese girl who we love to death, that has been our babysitter for the last year.
    If she hasn't been available, we've been fortunate enough to have a childless friend who happily comes over and watches a DVD while we go out to dinner.

    And we've also used the more expensive option of agency nannies through Rent-a-Mum.

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