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won't take much solids/milk

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    won't take much solids/milk


    My 7 month old doesn't eat much - she only drinks about 90 to 120ml on average per feed (8 feeds a day, 2 of which are breastfeeds) and when we feed her solids, she will only take a few spoons.

    I'm worried that she is not taking enough food. Has anyone else experienced the same problem?

    Any comments appreciated.

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    My daughter of 7 months has also started taking solids and currently, she is taking 6 milkfeeds of 160ml each, working out to be about 960ml for the day (roughly around the same vol as what ur baby is taking) and having 2 solid meals of rice cereal per day. Each time, she will eat around 5 to 10 teaspoons of the rice cereal. I think she is eating quite well considering she started solids around a month ago. Also, her weight of 8+kg is pretty good at the 50% percentile so I'm pretty relaxed about how much she is eating. Is your baby's weight healthy? If so, I wouldn't be too worried about how much your baby is eating.

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    Are you feeding her expressed breastmilk? If so, your baby only needs around 25oz a day of breastmilk. If she is putting on weight and is healthy, I would not worry about it too much

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    My baby is almost seven months old and I've been feeding her breastmilk. I started weaning her (introducing solids) when she was six months. AndreaY is right, she only takes around 23-26oz a day (in five feeds, two of which with solids). And very little rice cereal and fruit/vege puree. Sometimes, I wonder if she's had enough but she seems fine and is sleeping well through the night.

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