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Health checks and where to register?

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    Health checks and where to register?

    I have just found out I am pregnant can i go to a hospital in Hk for free and get checked out if my baby and body is healthy? Or do i need to go to a private doctor and pay for them to check me? I am just over 1 month pregnant.

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    do you have a HKID card?
    if so, then you need a letter from a private dr stating that you are indeed pregnant. then you can register with the gov't hospital nearest you and pay virtually nothing for any of your checks.

    if you do NOT have a HKID, but you DO have private health insurance (that covers pregnancy), then you are better off going to a private dr.

    if you have NEITHER a HKID card nor private health insurance, then it doesn't really matter where you go, you'll be paying a fortune.

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