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TUEN MUN hospital - anyone been there?

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    bekyboo44 is offline Registered User
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    Why not just ask your doctor for a copy of all your records as you go along, that way you can turn up in labour at the public hospital of your choice, and you have your records for the doctors there .

    If you turn up in labour in a public hospital they can not turn you away.

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    We gave birth at Tuen Mun Hospital last month and it was a wonderful experience. My husband was with me for the labour and delivery. The staff and medical care were excellent - on the antenatal ward, in neonatal and in postnatal. Yes, it's a busy hospital, but both mum and baby were very well cared for at all times, and dad enjoyed the experience too. They were very supportive of breastfeeding and allowed me to nurse the baby while he was in ICU. We have no hesitation in going through the public system, and Tuen Mun Hospital, for future births. (And the best thing... the three day stay in hospital only cost HKD$350!!!)

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    niahbear is offline Registered User
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    What were the rooms like?


    Just wondering what the maternity ward was like? How many beds? Were the babies allowed to be with you or did you have to go to them in the nursery? How often was your husband allowed to visit?

    Thanks and

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