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Kellet School

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    Kellet School


    I am struggling with a decision to be made regarding Kellet School for my son.

    For parents with children in Kellet, please advise:

    1. How are the teachers/teaching at Kellet?I know that they follow the British Curriculum.
    2. How are the extra-curricular activities?
    3. How is the environment at school? Are you and your chilren happy with the school?

    I know that there are construction activities etc. going on right now.

    Also, as I understand, Kellet does not have a secondary school yet. So after finishing Middle School at Kellet the child will have to interview in other schools for a place in Secondary.I was wondering if any of you can shed light on how well that works.

    Please help - I need to decide very soon regarding admissions.


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    Suggest you contact parents directly about getting answers. In regards to high school, places are hard to obtain. Due to the difficulty that Kellett students have had in the last couple of year, they have now added a Yrs 7&8 so the students had places. Many parents move their children out of Kellet to a junior schools that provides a high school place just to make sure they do get a place. To cut a long story short you will not be guarenteed a place at any high school if your child is at Kellett and they will need to take an entrance exam to get into an ESF Secondary and even if they pass no gurantee in getting a place. Currently there is no year 9 at Kellett and it must be hard for the children to then integrate into a new school at Year 9. Hopefully a high school will be in place before that happens.

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