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    What is the weather like right now? What areyou wearing?

    I've to HK in Jan and nearly froze to death with the cool weather and humidity and no central heat, so then when I came in Feb (last year) I brought a lot of warm clothes, and then it was so warm and very difficult to find any summer clothes in the store, I hadn't brought any short sleeve shirts or shorts or sandals and with my big feet, immpossible to find shoes in HK, very uncomfortable. So I guess I'll pack both this time., but would prefer topack light and not have to bring 2 seasons of clothes. I did notice when I needed summer clothes last year local people were wearing jeans and coats and I was so hot. I am currently suffering a week of -30 celcius weather, so really any HK weather can't be as bad as that, except for summer.

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    The last few weeks have been quite cold and a little rainy. Mostly between 8-13 C. When are you coming? You can check the hong kong observatory website for weather info.

    All the best,

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    And most places here don't have heat, so a week or two of temps less than 10 really freezes the place. Especially when you through in dampness.
    That cold forecast is good for the next week-ten days.
    So, if you are coming in the near future, bring warmer clothes. If you are coming toward the end of February, check the HK Observatory.

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    i've been fricken freezing the last couple of days/nights. i usually find it warmer outside than in during the day. out where i live it's been getting down to 6C at night!

    (i'm a prairie girl myself, so i know what you are coming from! ...i'm originally from saskatoon!)

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