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Sleeping thru the night and drink less milk

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    Sleeping thru the night and drink less milk

    My baby maintained to sleep thru the night at 3 months now. We are very pleased but we figured that he misses one feeding in the middle of the night and he actually takes less milk now compared to before. is it normal? Any comments an opinions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    well as long as he is active and fine and gaining weight then nothing to worry . actually u should be happy that he sleeps thru the nite

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    As babies grow they do tend to drink less than the first few months. This is becasue the rate of growth slows down and so they don't need as much milk.

    However, you haven't mentioned the most important detail about your son – how is your son’s growth? It really doesn’t matter how much your baby is drinking if your son is healthy and he is gaining weight.

    On average a fully breastfed baby drinks between 25 oz and 30oz a day. Babies drinking formula tend to drink more because there is more wastage with formula milk than with breast milk. Don’t worry if your baby is drinking less than it recommends on tins of formula – they over estimate how much a baby drinks because the more milk made the more money the formula company makes.

    Mothers often say that one of the disadvantages of breastfeeding is that you don’t know how much the baby is eating but actually this is an advantage. It makes you trust your baby to tell you when he has enough. If your baby is growing well and says he doesn’t want any more trust him that he knows what he’s doing.

    Best wishes,

    La Leche League Leader

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    Hi Sarah,
    I appriciate your advice here - and I am generally pro breastfeeding.
    Because of my personal circumstances I have to give formula. I can trust him with this as much thet he tells me how much he needs. He stops when he had enough - and will not finish the bottle. So your last mentioned "advantage " is NOT right.

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    yes, heikeli, but.... have you noticed the # of (usually new) mothers on here worried that their child isn't eating enough?

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