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Moving from UK to HK

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    Quote Originally Posted by carang View Post
    PS> Rani, i think you are thinking about President's Choice products from Canada. PnS no longer carries them, but they still have Waitrose.
    You're right I was thinking of President's Choice. Missing those yummy chocolate chip cookies they do.

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    6,259 too!

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    Hi and good luck joining us all in HK. My best tip - read this website ! all the questions you need answering are on here and there are always lots of friendly keyboards ready to help.
    I live in Repulse Bay with my toddler and am very settled, although it seems that the whole of the Southside and Pok Fu Lam is bursting with expat kids. I am cynical about relocation agents - ours was rubbish - it turned out that she just wanted to get us in to the place with the highest rent and not negotiate it, as she then got a cut. Just be aware.
    I would go into serviced apartments if you can when you first get here (de Ricou in Repulse Bay is full of new people with kids).
    As for bringing stuff out, don't stress, there are bound to be lots of things that you find are more expensive here and you wish you had bought in the UK - but you will torment yourself if you try to bring everything. Just remember it's a different lifestyle here and you have to adapt, you can't expect the same life as the UK. Generally good supermarket quality food is much more expensive here, as are children's clothes (I miss Tesco), but if you bear in mind the tax and transport are less you don't mind so much about the cost of food. Be flexible and enjoy it. Good luck

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    Thank you so much, everybody, for your comments. This website is fantastic and is certainly helping to reduce some of the stress from our move! My husband and I are very excited about the move and are looking forward to our new life in Hong Kong. I hope that I get to meet some of you when I get out there. K xx

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