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Change from natural birth to c-section

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    Fo Tan

    Hi,Donkey, I've mentioned my story on the other thread also. I had been prepared to have a natural birth on my whole pregnancy, until my 36 weeks check up,when my gynae found that my baby has 3.3kg, she commented that 'oh,u've a 'kingkong' baby ar. I was so upset on what she said, then i asked if i can have a natural birth, she said ' it's difficult if your baby is expecting to be 4kgs , if the shoulder stuck then your baby will die, so you should have a c-section. I was so desperate and feeling angry on what she said,and have a lots of tear,she was being so non supportive and having such a cruel attitude , i've totally lost trust on her.I think she would think it's easier and quicker for her in c-section. So, i went to other doctor at my 37 weeks, he is so kind and patient , he discuss with me and my husband for half an hour where loads of patient were waiting . Trying his best to put me at ease and analyze with me , he advised me to wait and see and decide later if a c-section is needed, because nowadays, most c-section are not needed medically. I felt more comfortable with him even if i may end up to have c-section. But which i think all moms who prefer natural birth should have their mind prepare for c-section, since no one can predict things perfectly . I was so relieved to have changed the doctor, my beautiful (but grumpy-_-) baby was baby 38weeks at 3.845kg at natural birth with the help of forcep. So, i think second opinion is good for you. But don't think c-section is a bad thing if it's really better for you and your baby, both ways will bring u a lovely baby.

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    Thanks for sharing your stories. We will wait. Our next doctor appointment is next Monday. We will ask him to be supportive on our decision. If he is not supportive, it is hard to change doctor at this stage though as I will be already in 40 weeks by then.

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    Donkey, if you are still unsure after visiting your Dr and reading the advice here, don't pressure yourself into making a decision just yet. Wait until your due date - wait until 41 or 42 weeks if you want, and reassess the situation if and when it changes.

    And, remember, at the end of the day, the most important thing is that your baby is delivered healthy. I had 2 C-sections and no regrets.

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