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ESF Y1 and FIS Reception

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    ESF Y1 and FIS Reception


    My little girl has an offer from ESF for Y1. At FIS, they recommend that we put her in Reception because she was born in late December. Assessment is coming up in late Feb for FIS. We have to decide whether we will attend FIS's assessment.

    Some parents told me that FIS reception = ESF Y1 in terms of curriculum because FIS is a year ahead.
    Is this true? Any parents have experience with both schools?

    Thank you.

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    I also have questions regarding FIS - I am not sure what age they start and when the year cut off is. My daughter is early February and FIS have told us two different things, one that she will start in the January after she is 3 (ie 3yrs and 11 months) and the other situation where she will start in the September at 3 yrs and 7 months. The class is in Sheung Wan currently but might move. Any guidance appreciated thank you.

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    JennyB is offline Registered User
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    Can't help aly**** but, Ali71, from my experience with FIS they are more flexible with the age thing than some other schools. They will probably want to meet her first and assess whether she is ready to start.

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    Freya is offline Registered User
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    I find it very doubtful that FIS Reception is the same level as ESF Y1, the children are different ages. Expectations from a Reception age child to a Y1 child educationally are very different no matter what school they are in. Wild statements without fact should be ignored.

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