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Is Disco Bay a really weird place?

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    Is Disco Bay a really weird place?

    What is it like living on Discovery Bay?

    I've never been there, but from what I read, it looks like a rather strange place.

    I can't quite figure out whether it's a wonderful, relaxed place to bring up a kid, or a weird American-style gated community, with yuppies zooming around on golf buggies, with most things Chinese ironed out.

    What is the place like on weekdays? Who's around, doing what?
    And what about weekends? What do people do?
    What's the focus of community life?
    How easy is it to get to other parts of Lantau?

    Also, any advice on the best estate agents for Disco Bay? Saw Ka Man recommended, but can't figure out how to get a quote from the website.

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    we lived in db for over 6 years, pre & post children. we loved it. it is fantastic for raising kids as everything is right there on your doorstep. we only moved because we couldn't afford it any more.

    however, it's not for everyone. it is suburb living.

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