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cleansing and moisturising baby and toddler skin

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    cleansing and moisturising baby and toddler skin

    Hi I need some advice on caring for baby and toddler skin. I have bathed my 2 year old in Aromababy bath gel pretty much since she was born, and used a small amount to wash her face, but i've rarely put cream on her face. Now that she's past her second birthday i'm wondering whether I should be using products specificaly made for facial cleansing, and also whether to apply a moisturiser? I notice the skin on her face is quite dry and blotchy at the moment, perhaps due to the cold weather. Also do other mums and dads routinely apply moisturiser to their babies' faces? My youngest is 4 months old.

    Any advice gratefuly received.

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    I have put moisturiser daily on both our daughters' (2 yrs and 4 months) faces since we brought them home. However, I do not use cleanser on their faces, only water. Think in weather like this, you will definitely need to moisturise their faces.

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    I also try not to use any cleasing products for bub's face- plain water has always been fine even in the summer, as any cleanser will have some drying effect on baby's delicate skin. I have always used some sort of moisturiser since day 1 - I am currently using natural organic oil for babies for his face - he's gone a bit red and blotchy during the cold spell too.

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    do NOT use cleansers for baby's face. water is fine.
    moisturiser is ok. we've always applied it, especially in the winter.

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