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Belly band after C-section

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    louisouis is offline Registered User
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    Belly band after C-section

    I heard from some friends that a belly band will help with the pain after the C-section. Does anyone have any experience with that? Are there any brands that are particulary good? Should I buy it before I go to the hospital or should I just get one at the hospital? Should I put it on on the first day or should I put it on the second day?

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    arismom is offline Registered User
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    i used the velcro belly band after my c-section and found it to be very helpful in relieving back/abdomen pain although i was a bit doubtful at first. i had bought one but at the hospital they gave me one and put it on after the c-section. i ended up using it for a quite a while after coming home as well to help ease the pressure / pains i was feeling.
    may be a good idea to have one just in case - you can always wait to see how you feel.

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    nanzbier is offline Registered User
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    I would highly recommend a velcro belly band....the tighter the better. after my csection, it was difficult to walk until the nurses at matilda suggested i get one. it holds all the loose skin and fat together so it doesn't hurt when you move around. =) get one before you go into the hospital. i got mine from matilda and i think it was around 200hkg? i can't remember....

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    mrstee is offline Registered User
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    my doctor also put one on me after my emergency c-section, but i thought that it was too uncomfortable because it kept rubbing against my tummy which i thought was too sensitive. my ob/gyn recommended that i use it only if my back was feeling weak, but i thought i was ok without it. my doctor did however, think that the belly band from chicco was more supportive. so my mom went out to buy one for me (it was $500-800 or something, don't remember the price, but not cheap) and i thought it was more like a tight corset. i actually thought the one from chicco was more uncomfortable than the one from the hospital because it made it harder for me to sit. you can try the one from chicco if you like. it definitely pulls you in a lot tighter than the elastic ones from the hospital.

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    I use the exlura 3 in 1 postpartum support , it really good to help me recover body shape. You can wear it three months after postpartum. The belt including belly belt, waist belt and pelvis belt with safety certificate. You can have a try. Searching "exlura 3 in 1 postpartum support " on amazon. Hope this helps!

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