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5 months pregnant in past 7months 2 miscarriages

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    Unhappy 5 months pregnant in past 7months 2 miscarriages

    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to see if anyone else is having some of the same problems and what their doctors are telling them and what type of testing if any has been done. I have had two of the same type everything fine and then no heart beat around 10 - 11 weeks. Baby stops growing around 7wks.

    There must be something more than bad genes?

    I am a wreck with all the hormonal issues and the recovery of the miscarriage itself. It was natural and I went through it on vacation at the beach. No hospital around so it has been very tough road and it has only been two weeks now. I have a lot of low back pain still. Anyone else have this issue?

    Any information would be great. Thanks


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    my heart goes out for you. i've had similar experience. they told me that maybe sth was wrong with those pregnancies & if it had gone thru, the baby could have had defects.....

    i suggest you take a break from trying to get pregnant. get your body into good health. change your lifestyle, stop drinking (in case you do). go to bed early (like before 11pm), get up early, eat a good diet. then try again after at least 6 mths.

    i did just that (but i took a 3 year break), it took me 3 yrs to regain my health (i was a big party person). i now have a healthy happy 3 yr old.

    don;t worry about your age, chinese people have a saying, "if you're healthy, you can have healthy babies at 40". that means, if you're body isn't in prime health, even if you have a baby, he/she might not be healthy & both you & the baby will have a tough time.

    good luck! take life easy, and enjoy the path to gaining good health.

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    Kerri Lynn

    I am sorry to hear about your miscarriages. I have been in a similar position as yourself and would like to share my experience with you in case it helps. I have a 2.5yr old daughter and then had three back-to-back miscarriages last year. Was shocked and devasted and my confidence took a real dive.

    Had all three foetuses analsysed after D&C at hospital, all of them stopped growing between 8-10 weeks and only one was chromosomally abnormal - so there was no explanation for the other two miscarriages, esp as I had already managed to have one successful pregnancy.

    Am currently 21 weeks pregnant and this time my doctor has me on a daily dose of aspirin and an injection of blood-thinning heparin. Seems my body was forming blood clots around the placenta which was cutting off all supplies to the baby.

    Have a chat with your doc about this idea, there is not harm in seeing what he/she says. Also, if you are still having pain that is not a great sign, would also get them to check that the whole foetus and other matter has cleared from your system as you do not want to risk an infection.

    Hope this helps, my heart goes out to you.

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