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Prince of wales hospital

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    Does anyone know if you can do a hospital tour at Prince of Wales? I have heard QMH does these but can't find any info on this for POW.

    Thanks in advance.

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    not that i know of.. you might want to ask the mchc about it or ring up the obstetrics dept. at pow.

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    I cannot praise POW enough. I had my first baby there in Feb this year and it was a very positive experience.
    I was nervous as coming from England things can be quite different from what I had been led to believe the public system was like here. I wanted a natural birth, no episiotomy and my husband present. I also requested baby to stay with me constantly afterwards for breastfeeding.
    POW were fantastic they stuck to my birth plan throughout delivery and during aftercare. During labour the doctors and nurses read my wishes and worked really hard to stick to them. I had the birth I wished for - natural, no episiotomy and my husband there throughout. Afterwards they gave us some privacy to enjoy our new baby. As a result of the birth I was as good as new within two days.
    The nurses were great they helped me breastfeed and my baby stayed with me throughout on the ward. (This is up to you - you can have them taken to the nursery if you want to rest)
    Also I believe that POW has one of the best neo natal care units in HK because it is a teaching hospital this is especially important if there is a danger of complications with the baby. You may want to check as I believe that the private hospitals in Central send there babies to Queen Mary if there is a problem and you may find that is the case with Union and POW.
    I would recommend POW without reservation, if you want to talk to me about my experience please feel free to message me and I will send my phone number.
    Good Luck

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