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food for 16mth old

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    jamesandsimo is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2006
    hong kong

    food for 16mth old

    i am wondering what most people's children who are around 16mths eats each day and amounts.

    my son isn't a big eater and recently has gone off his food, stopped eating breakfast and has a very small lunch and dinner. Rice & pasta seem to be the only thing he likes at the moment.

    I know that by this age they should be on similar food to yourself, however me & my husband eat spicy food and a big variety each night so it doesn't suit my son.

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    Neha is offline Banned
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    same here our son is 15 months old and also a small eater. We also eat spicy food so we make his food separately. We were also concerned so we asked our doctor about the quantities he was eating. His typical day is 1 egg in the morning with bread or slice of cheese and piece of small fruit after that mid morning , Lunch is a small bowl of rice with fish or vegetables and dinner is the same, He is very fussy he gets bored soon so we have to keep changing is food all the time. He will eat something well for a week and next week he will refuse it . We also find that when we try to feed him he eats less than what he eats when we eat with him.

    But as he is low weight baby so someone suggested we cook with cheese and butter and he seems to be doing much better since a month. He drinks about 13-15 ozs of milk each day

    All drs have told us that as long as he is active , playful we shouldnot worry.

    Take care

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    arismom is offline Registered User
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    Kowloon, Hong Kong

    my 16 month old eats pretty much the same thing we eat - when the food is being prepared, before any spices or salt goes in - we take her portion out. my husband and i eat rice and/or noodles with meat n veggies and she eats the same.
    her meal plan is somewhat like this

    8.30 - cereal with milk (8 0z) and fruit
    10.30 - buttered toast or light snack
    12 noon - lunch (fish/meat/tofu, rice, veggies/soup)
    2.30 - milk 8oz
    4 - afternoon snack (fruit/yogurt/croissant)
    6 pm - dinner (pasta with meat and veggies or rice- whatever we eat)
    7.45 - milk 8 oz

    if she is hungry, the portions during her meals are bigger (ie more rice or pasta)

    what are meal plans of your kids like?

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    jamesandsimo is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2006
    hong kong

    thanks for your replies. I guess they are all similar but unique!

    My son has about 250 mls of milk at about 7am then he use to always have 1 weetbix with 1/2 bannana at 7:30 (but recently stopped his weetbix, i have tried changing it to someone else but he isn't interested, i also tried dropping the bottle thinking he will eat - still not interested)


    9:30 10ish snack of fruit - normally grapes or toast

    11:30 lunch, rice or pasta with 2 cubes of either chicken, fish, beef, vege etc and sometimes yoghurt

    12 - 2 sleep

    2:45 snack fruit or yoghurt if didn't have it for lunch

    5:30pm Dinner - similar to lunch

    7pm 250mls milk

    7:15 bed till 7am

    He has water in between all of that and would eat fruit all day if i let him!

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    bekyboo44 is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2006
    Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

    Our 16 month old is a big eater....and he eats exactly what we eat. We eat some spicy food and he is more than happy to eat that's not hot, hot....but slightly spicy! He loves strong flavours.

    He eats pretty much same as other babies here.

    a). cereal and fruit for breakfast, sometimes yoghurt too
    around 250ml fresh cows milk
    b). fruit or biscuits or bread mid morning.
    c). rice, pasta, noddles etc. with meat, vege for lunch
    d). another snack mid afternoon.....he loves corn on the cob, and eats that off the cob once it's been cooked
    e). rice, pasta, noodles, mashed potato etc. with meat, vege for lunch
    250 mil fresh cows milk

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