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Reviews of Ameda breastpump?

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    Question Reviews of Ameda breastpump?

    I have read on another website that Ameda breastpumps are really good and efficient. I am wondering if any mommies in HK have tried this brand. It seems that Avent and Medela are much more popular in HK but I cannot express too much with the Madela manual pump. I only express occationally when I need to go out. I get about 1.5 ounces every time I express so I need to express twice for one feed. I know that manual pumps are less efficient but on the other website some moms said they can get 6-8ounces from the Ameda breastpump.

    My baby is gaining really well so I know I have plently of milk.

    Please let me know if you have tried this brand and let me know if it really works better!

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    It is unlikely that a different pump will help you get much more milk. The amount you can pump is a normal amount. If you need more milk then try pumping more times and adding the milk together.

    “Most moms who are nursing full-time are able to pump around 1/2 to 2 ounces total (for both breasts) per pumping session. Moms who pump more milk per session may have an oversupply of milk, or may respond better than average to the pump, or may have been able to increase pump output with practice. Many moms think that they should be able to pump 4-8 ounces per pumping session, but even 4 ounces is an unusually large pumping output.”

    The following will encourage the let-down reflex artificially

    • Look at your baby, or by having a piece of his clothing next to you.
    • Apply a warm wet cloth to your breasts.
    • Massage the breasts in small circular motions around the perimeter of the breast.
    • Gently stroke your breasts with your fingernails in a downward motion toward the nipple
    • Lean forward and gently shake the breasts.
    • Gently roll the nipple between your finger and thumb.

    It may help to try a hand expression technique called the Marmet Technique,
    This is useful because it helps the let-down and so you get more milk.

    Some mothers have found that the pumps are not good at getting the let-down to happen and so they use hand expression until the let-down and then swap to pumping. You can also use the times at the end of the Marmet Technique, including the massage, stroke and shake but instead of doing the hand expression use the pump.

    You might be interested in the article,
    I'm pumping my milk to feed my baby, but my supply is going down. What can I do?

    Best wishes,
    La Leche League Leader

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