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Victoria, CIS, HKIS, CNDIS?

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    I've always favoured CIS myself but like you, I also worry about the negative comments which you commonly hear. I'm glad you shared your happy experience with us and value these great qualities in children.

    I will be applying to CIS later this year and wondering which kindergartens the kids at CIS come from? Are they mainly from international kindergartens like Tutor Time, Woodlands etc or do they also accept kids who have attended local kindergartens? I guess ultimately it depends on the performance at the interview but just wondering if they also take into acount their last school attended.

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    Hi, Lucinda_k,

    Great to hear your positive comments on CIS. You mentioned that you did not buy a debenture. I was told that the debenture is a must for CIS. How did it work for you?

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    Cis Or Isf


    I will be going to apply CIS and ISF for my daughter, which one will be better? I know CIS is very famous, but I am thinking ISF will have a better chinese for kids and their program for primary seems very attractive. Any comments?

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    Hi All,

    I heard the debentures are very expensive. Just how expensive are they?

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    Check here for Annual Fees and Debentures

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    JoTs is offline Registered User
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    Thank you so much for your posts. My son is currently at Victoria Belcher Kindy and loving it. I am from the UK and my husband is chinese, so we sent him there as we wanted him to speak some cantonese at school, but wanted his english to be taught by a native. I have been impressed so far (he only startede in August).

    We always thought he would go on to ESF as we will probably go back to the UK at some point. But your post has made me think that VSA might be a good place for him. He doesn't know any mandarin at the moment, but I think they do some in K3.

    Do you think as a non-chinese speaking parent, it would be ok for my son at VSA? Is all the information sent home in both languages?

    How likely is it that my son would get a place there?

    Thanks in advance for your help


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