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mandarin speaking nanny required

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    Omerliane is offline Registered User
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    mandarin speaking nanny required

    hi, we are relocating to HK at the end of April.
    we have two children:2.5 boy and a 1.5 girl.
    we are looking for an experienced good reliable nanny who will speak to our children mandarin.
    how can we find one ?
    is there any agancies?
    other opthions?
    who much do we suppose to pay her?

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    loupou is offline Baby Guru
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    If you just want someone who can look after a child & do some housework, try to hire a local domestic helper who grew up in China or is a recent arrival.

    Try "The Interactive Employment Service" from the Labour Department.

    After you register, you can search local candidates who are willing to work as child-minders and cleaners. You can put in various levels of Mandarin competence as a job criteria.

    However, many of these women will not speak much English.

    If you want a young woman w/ a Beijing accent and a BA degree an early childhood education and experience working as a nanny - then you will probably have to go to some agency & pay a lot of $$$.

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    Portia is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    You can try the Nanny Experts as they place Mandarin-speaking nannies (but not domestic helpers)

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