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2 wks vacation in Greece and Switzerland

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    2 wks vacation in Greece and Switzerland

    Appreciate if anyone could share their experience.

    I have to go for a business trip in Greece, Athen when I will be 25 weeks. We are thinking of taking a week vacation in Switzerland where we plan to take train to 3-4 cities including visiting Alp mountain. Is this going to be too much?

    I have never been on an oversea trip after my first daughter was born (now 21 months). I know that after the 2nd babe is born, it will take years before I could go for a vacation again.
    Any advice?

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    I would ask my doctor about altitude. I remember that a
    collegue of mine was advised not to go up too high during pregnancy but I don't know the reasons. I just know that even when not pregnant you might feel uncomfortable (nausea, short of breath) when you go up a mountain by lift or cable car as you are thus gaining hight very quickly and your body has no time to adjust.

    Switzerland is famous for cheese, lot's of it made from unpasteurized milk. You might also want to stay away from raw ham and salami. When you are pregnant in Switzerland they check you rather often for Toxoplasmose. I don't know if they are just over careful or if it really is an issue. Just ask your doctor.

    But apart from that: Switzerland is a great country for vacation, beautiful, peaceful, fresh air, food of very good quality, very clean. Train connections are very well. There are beautiful cities and great landscape. Enjoy your stay!

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    chosun, i'm swiss. if you'd like to know anything about the country, just pm me

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