i think it might be a totally different situation in the states vs here.

here, with full time live-in help so readily available at an affordable rate, for me, a night nanny would be a waste of money.

my helper NEVER got up in the night to help out, but having her around during the day to do the household chores and the cooking meant that i could concentrate ONLY on the baby and myself (obviously, when #2 arrived, things were different).

i remember days after my first that i didn't get out of my pjs until 3pm. he woke every 2-2.5 hrs like clockwork, it took us about 45 minutes to change feed & burp him, so it literally took me 15 hours to get a decent amount of sleep.

IF i had been in your position, with a 2 yr old and twins arriving, without fulltime help during the day, i would have considered a night nanny to be a godsend.