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Anyone trying?

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    Enchanted is offline Registered User
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    Anyone trying?

    DH and I have decided to try for no#2, (on the quiet) and it would be great to hear from others that are also trying.

    With our 1st, I was pregnant the 1st month (an unexpected ectopic pregnancy) and then fortunately happily successful with 2nd pregnancy (month 3 - he's now 3).

    We are onto month 2 and despite being ridiculously busy at work (and home) I find myself so often thinking about and wondering if this month will be the one?

    Does anyone else find that the decision takes up lots of space in your mind? I fluctuate between complete excitement at the thought and I ready, can we handle two?, will everything be ok? what will it be like being away from friends and family when I am pregnant? what happens if we aren't successful?

    OK, forgive my ravings, would love to hear from others...

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    alice_ng72 is offline Registered User
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    Hi Enchanted,

    I was also in the same shoes as you when I was planning for no2. Lotsa thoughts came into my mind - am I ready? will I be able to cope? will I ever have a life again?
    I got pregnant 2 months ago - when I realised that I had conceived, I was elated! I think I was ready after all! Its not that I am looking forward to the sleepless nights...but the thought of having another bundle of joy just supercedes all those fears especially if he/she is already inside you!
    So, go ahead, go with flow and good luck to you!

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