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eating habit changed

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    eating habit changed

    though my 9 month old son is at 90 percentile in terms of weight, he suddenly refuse to eat and drink worries me. I can feel that he is much lighter when I carried him.
    This started 3 days ago. He probably is having half or even less than what he usually has, both milk and solid.

    I am not sure what causes that. Anyone has experience? I am suspecting two things 1) teething or 2) change of environment (my parents who usually be around and play with him a lot is away. is that possible to affect his diet).

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    children eventually stop gaining as much as they did in the begining.

    it could be a combination of things. including what you mentioned.

    give it a few more days and then take him to the doctor if you are really worried about it, but from the sounds of things he's still eating, just not as much.

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    They go through phases like that, it's common and not really a cause for concern, but if it persists for a while, then youc an talk to your pediatrician about it.

    My older LO went through exactly this when she was 9 months. It was a combination of getting her first teeth and crawling that made her less interested in eating. She was probably drinking just 12 oz a day and she was only in the 25-50%! Eventually things went back to normal.

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