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My 10week old baby refused to drink from the bottle!! HELP!

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    thanks..will check it out. Where's Prince building?

    why would anyone blame u for saying babies have short memories? :)

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    Prince's building is in Central between the old Star Ferry pier and the big HSBC, opposite the old Mandarin.....sorry I don't do road names!

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    Hi Fenn,
    I know this is quite an old post but my baby is experiencing similar problems now, I am trying to wean by she refuse the bottle or teat, ( she only take AVENT bottle from MIL alone) what happened to your girl in the end? How did you solve the problem?

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    you might want to also consider tommie tippee- my gfs live by these bottles for their little ones...

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    babymommy2 is offline Registered User
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    I don't really have any advice about the bottle part as I had 2 babies who, similarily had a couple of bottles the first week, then never until 6 weeks and refused and I tried every single thing you could think of or find on the internet to try and nothing worked, they never did take bottles. I tried really really hard with the first, unsuccessfully, and with the second half tried, I'd lived it before and it is not so bad to have a baby who doesn't take a bottle, it is only 1 year.

    You will likely just skip bottles for weaning altogether. baby can start taking a regular cup or straw around 6 months. I used a regular cup or a sippy cup with the valve removed (mine also didn't take straws or valves, they couldn't figure out how to suck it up, same as the bottle problem), they went from breast to regular cup. Do you have to wean early for work or some other reason? If not, take your time with it. Mine used a cup from 6 months on, but didn't really drink much out of it until about 1 year when I went back to work. I continued to nurse when I was home evenings, morning and weekend, when away they each hardly drank anything for about 2 weeks, then started drinking regularily from the cup.

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