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milk supply

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    I got my Medela Pump In Style at Bumps to Babes in Central. I bought it last year for HKD4,200. You can also rent Medela pumps (electric, double pumps) from Celki. There is a Celki at Melbourne Plaza (10th Floor) in Central. They also have stores in other places in HK Island, Kowloon and New Territories.

    IMHO, hydrating yourself and getting plenty of rest is paramount. It's hard, when you have to take care of a newborn. Don't get stressed out if you don't have a lot of milk initially. That will only make things worst! In fact, if you decide to pump, you will find that the more calm and relaxed (this is a big challenge for new mothers!) you are, the easier the letdown.
    Nonetheless, my advice is - don't worry. Cross the bridge when you come to it. No point worrying now about having no milk, etc. now. It will only make things worse. I think the most important thing is that you've decided to breastfeed your baby. Just eat well, stay healthy and get plenty of rest.

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    Hi Reei,

    I think determination and preparation are both very important and the fact that you are thinking ahead about this now is a very good sign. Like you, I was very keen to breastfeed and also worried about not having enough milk, cracked nipples etc. before giving birth. (I just gave birth last week, and so far things have been going well)

    As a new mother, I would probably attribute breastfeeding success to the following: 1) arming yourself with as much correct information as possible. For me, that included getting a lactation consultant - Yvonne Heavyside in my case - to come up and teach me ahead of time. (Going to a LLL antenatal class would achieve the same.) It's important to talk to informed ppl about breastfeeding so you can prepare yourself mentally for the challenge of breastfeeding ahead. I also find that when you are more informed, you tend to stress less and this in itself will help your milk supply.

    The first days postpartum are quite important in terms of getting you and your baby adjusting to the techniques of breastfeeding so if you are able to get help early on with the latch and positioning, it really helps. IMHO Matilda really is the best hospital for this, as they are equipped with great midwives and nursing staff who are on hand to help with the latch-on as well as in giving excellent breastfeeding advice.

    Last (and probably least important - in the sense that this is not essential to breastfeeding success), certain types of foods like papaya really does seem to work. Chinese soups with papaya in them seems to work well. A lot of ppl say Chinese fish and papaya soup - myself, I ordered a papaya and date soup from the Matilda hospital menu and it could be coincidental, but my milk came in that night and I was really really engorged!

    Good luck!

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    if i had a dollar for the times i've heard 'i didn't have enough milk'..
    Such a shame that this myth is so prevalent in HK.
    (Wait and watch the barrage of angry responses flood in!)

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    Right there with you, kashismum. It roughly translates to "it was easier to get the helper to feed the baby".

    A friend once told me that in some Chinese families, it is considered as a sign of wealth to formular feed - that Mum only breastfeeds if there isn't enought money - like it's a shameful symbol to be seen to BF your children. If it's true, this is really sad.

    It's a shame that the public hospitals in HK are not more pro-breastfeeding: they say they are, but in relaity, this means they just leave Mum to it with very little help.

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    reei is offline Registered User
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    Hung Hom

    sage, peainpod,

    thanks for your valuable advice. i'll buy the medela electric pump when i am in my third trimester.. and i am all in for the papaya and fish soup!

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    Quote Originally Posted by reei View Post
    I'll buy the medela electric pump when I am in my third trimester.
    Rather than buy a pump while you are still pregnant I’d consider waiting until you actually need it. Hong Kong is always open. It is possible to get a pump when you need one – you don’t have to buy it a long time in advance. And the later you leave it the longer the guarantee will last. It seems that there are two types of pumps – those that last for years and those that last only a few months – so a valid guarantee is a good idea.

    Best wishes,
    La Leche League Leader

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    reei is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2007
    Hung Hom

    thanks sarah.
    i guess i'll ask my hubby to buy it when i need it. it is the 'sitting' month for me then.

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