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Problem registering baby's name in HK

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    Problem registering baby's name in HK

    My husband encountered an interesting (cultural) problem today when registering our son's birth at the birth registry office (a section of the Immigration Dept).
    My hubby is an ethnic Chinese from South America, and carries a foreign passport. Like all countries in South America and many in continental Europe, the passports include all the names of the individual in a format like this: A(name) + B(middle name) + C(father's surname) + D(mother's surname). Well, because his passport serves as his official ID document, the name on his permanent HK ID card is the same as the passport's: four names in total. Local Hongkongers find this interesting, in a weird way. For most daily things though, he's just known as A(name) + C(father's surname).
    Anyhow, he was shocked to discover today, when registering our baby son's name that he has to use the following format: E(son's name) + C(husband's father's surname) + D(husband's mother's surname). In other words, our son has to have a double surname, and the second surname is his late granny's last name (instead of mine as would be required in foreign passports).
    My hubby told me that the people at the birth registry office were not helpful and offered no suggestions. The only way to get rid of the second (wrong) surname is for my hubby to officially change his name, which would cause a lot of problems with his bank accounts, etc, etc.
    I was wondering if anyone else, i.e., people from Latin and South America or Europeans, have had this problem and how they deal with it.
    In the end, my husband decided to have it the wrong way, and have our son change it in the future (problems in the future?!), but he had no choice. I thought that as long as his Chinese name was properly registered, things will be fine...

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