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Easter Carnival at DB?

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    Easter Carnival at DB?


    We were planning to take our son for the above carnival but read on geoexpat that last year it was a bit chaotic with over 1000 people, toilets not running, younger kids getting beaten up by older kids. So not sure if it is good idea.

    I know there are lot of DB moms on this website, so they could tell us some more details for this year's carnival


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    we live here so didn't have to make a 'whole' day of it. we took our 2 year old and 9 week old down for the egg hunt and both were fine. Lots of people YES. Lots of cheating for the 2 year old egg hunt (adults out there who looked for eggs yourself instead of assisting the child -- shame)! but we had a nice time.

    Can't comment on the toilets not running but I remember trying to buy a hot dog at Hemmingways and after 15 minutes asking for my money back as they didn't seam to know what they were doing!

    No egg hunt for us this year.

    Have a great time!

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