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EBM once a day worth it for the antibodies?

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    EBM once a day worth it for the antibodies?

    I'm down to pumping twice a day for my daughter, once in the AM and once at night. If I drop the morning pump (time just doesn't allow for it now I'm back at work), will the antibodies concentrate into the night pump as if I were directly BFing?

    Unfortunately, my supply has dropped dramatically now I'm pumping only x2, I only get around 4 ozs at each.

    I'm just wondering if this small amount is worth continuing with?


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    Breast Milk is dose related. This means that more the baby gets the more benefits, having said that as the baby grows the need for breast milk lessens. Babies eventually take many other foods and the nutritional needs can be met by these solids. Also as the baby grows the immune system becomes more mature and so can take over from the antibodies in the milk.

    When the transition from two feeds a day to one feed a day comes depends on many things, the baby’s desire to drink the milk, the mother’s ability to producer the milk (not a problem with direct feeding) and convenience of actually making time to breastfeed (often as the babies grow they would rather do other things).

    When you are pumping exclusively it can be difficult to keep the amount you can pump at any one time up, especially as you drop the number of feeds. Thus as you drop feeds you tend to get a lot less milk – less milk because you are pumping less times and less milk because you get less at each pumping session.

    Remember that as long as you are supplying milk for your daughter, even only a couple of ounces a day – she is still getting the benefits. And yes the antibodies concentrate in the milk as you produce less. (This is true of pumping too – how do you think they found this interesting fact out? From expressed milk.)

    Best wishes,
    La Leche League Leader

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