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moving to HK in JUne - will be 5.5month pregnant

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    elodienyc is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2008

    moving to HK in JUne - will be 5.5month pregnant

    Hello, I will be moving to Hong Kong from NYC in June.
    I am currently 3 months pregnant. This will be my first baby.
    I need help to find a doctor from abroad and to book a bed in a maternity.
    Any advice?

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    chichi is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2006
    Hong Kong

    Hi, I would recommend Dr Joe Chan yo you. He is my OB and he is very good. He delivered my little angel about a year ago. He delivers babies in most hospitals in HK. He is also a panel doctor in the HK Adventist Hospital. He should be able to help you for the arrangement. His no. is 25259213.

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    cxflygirl is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2007
    Hong Kong, Lantau

    Dr Ghosh.. also a fantastic doctor delivers at the Matilda and Adventist very calm doctor and always make plenty of time for expecting Moms. He was a referral and feel very bless to have chosen him.

    SUITE 2902

    Tel. (852) 2877 3118

    Good luck

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    nicolejoy is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2007
    North Point

    IF you want to go to a private hospital, call the doctors NOW and see if you can get in - they fill up very fast!!

    I go to Dr Phillip Ho and he's great, I think!!

    Room 701, Hing Wai Building,36, Queen's Road Central,
    Telephone: 2899-2293, 2526 3322
    Fax: 2525 8066

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    ssccamper is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2007
    Happy Valley

    Hi elo***nyc

    Remember you can also go public here (as long as you have a HK id card I think - not sure if there's a minimum time period that you need to hold it for - I wouldn't imagine so) which is basically free and the care is absolutely fine.

    I'm 37 weeks pregnant now and have gone public at Tsan Yuk for all of my appointments. You don't have a regular doctor though and you won't know the doc who delivers you.

    The only times I've paid privately were for the scan and blood test to check for Down's Syndrome. I'll also pay privately to have my Strep B test done this week.

    By registering at Tsan Yuk, you are automatically registered for delivery at Queen Mary which will cost us a grand total of $360HKD. BUT this depends on where you live. I live in Happy Valley. If you live on Kowloon side you will have to register somewhere else and deliver at a different hospital - should be the same cost though.

    Many people here have maternity insurance which covers all doc appointments and the birth to deliver in a private hospital. If you don't have this insurance the cost to deliver at a private hospital is astronomical!!! I'm sure people will tell me if I'm wrong but I believe it's in the region of $100,000!!!!

    Hope this helps you somewhat. Good luck!

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    kairo is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2008
    Lantau Island

    Hi there, I basically have the same questions as eldoienyc, I'm also arriving in June, but will be 27 weeks pregnant (first child). I heard about a dr Sally who's good, can anybody comment?
    Also, I'll be living on Lantau for the first couple of months, does anybody have recomendations on which dr to go see/which hospital/clinic to go to? Will appreciate any help!

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    flickserve is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2008

    Bookings for private hospitals are made quite early in pregnancy. If you are coming in midpregnancy, the OBGY might have difficulty in getting you a booking at the private hospital.

    There's also Danny TN Leung who works from the Hong Kong Sanatorium (Director of Maternal Fetal Medicine). He might be able to get you a bed at Sanatorium if you are a late booking (He's a Resident Doctor there). However, you do have to follow him for the pregnancy. He used to be a professor at the Prince of Wales Hospital. The contact is 2576 1808 for appointments.

    Failing that, you may have to seriously consider going the public hospital route.

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